L’Aietta is a producer based in Montalcino, Tuscany,

known for their small production Brunello. It was founded and is produced by Francesco Mulinari. The Brunello comes from a terraced hillside on the northeast corner of the town. L’Aietta is the smallest producer in Montalcino making a total of 600+ cases of wine in total per year. 

Francesco’s first vintage was 2001, and he has spent these past nineteen years largely re-thinking what it means to be a Montalcinan. His earlier years saw him rebuilding the terraces by hand, and re-purposing the small stone workshed overlooking the terraces into a cellar. The past few years have seen him re-thinking farming. He has returned to nature and is re-introducing animals into his work- horses for plowing, and even geese for weeding.   click here to read the full post


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