Who is Corrado Gurrieri?

Corrado Gurrieri is the grandson of Don Corrado di Natale, whose father was Giuseppe di Natale of Syracuse, Sicily. In the late 19th century Giuseppe moved the family from Syracuse to Pachino, in the bottom southeastern corner of Sicily, and purchased several agricultural based properties in the area. One property, located in Buonivini was purchased for the quality of its wine. Buonivini sits in the center of the peninsula-like outcropping whose point is Pachino. It was the first place the Phoenicians landed, and it was the entry point in antiquity for wine to brought into Sicily. By 1908 Giuseppe’s son, Don Corrado, took over the family businesses and brought the winery to prominence, shipping throughout the Mediterranean. When Don Corrado’s daughter, Maria was married she then received the Buonivini estate. Enter Corrado Gurrieri, son of Maria di Natale.   click here to read the full post

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