From the San Lorenzo kitchen

Natalino Crognaletti’s wife, Thanthiwa, is one of the greatest cooks in all of Italy. She is of Thai decent but her food makes you think her family had lived in Italy for the past thousand years. She has the touch- that inherent knowledge that makes great chefs, great. We recently asked Natalino to take a small video of Thanthiwa making tortellini. Note the care and the love.

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Our thoughts on Thanksgiving wine pairing…

Our thoughts on the whole business of Thanksgiving wine pairing: We are members of so many email distribution lists, and like clockwork somewhere around 3-4 weeks ago the Thanksgiving emails started to rain into our inboxes. The first are cute- reminders of a time of the year…

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A Practical Application of Natural Wine

“I’llĀ ask my mom to get a fresh batch out of the pots…”(…as in multiple clay pots, buried in the ground in their backyard, where the Jung family’s kimchis naturally ferment.)Indie Wineries represents many producers who are part of, and/or, who are defined in the natural wine movement. As many of you know, the definition of […]

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