Cordani, Italy, Emilia Romagna


The Artist

Click to enlargeI was born in the month of June, 1968.
I’m the son of farmers/vignerons, the grandchild of farmers/vignerons, great grandchild of farmers/vignerons, and probably even my ancestors before that had worked the land.

The Place

Here at Montine (the name of our home) there were mostly woods, a few fields and just a couple vineyards. My grandparents lived 30 kilometers away at that time, so they’d come to this area on Monday and return to their house on Friday. They slept in a stable just two kilometers away during the week while they worked the vines. They were commuters ahead of their time!!!!

Philosophies, Ideas & Practices

I started working in the vineyards when I was born and I still do it today. I was born here, and after awhile you begin to live in symbiosis with the plants; and your own timeframe becomes the same as your plant’s. I plant new vines and I see them growing and eventually they become part of you.


In the cellar I work as my grandfather used to: without yeasts or strange alchemies.

Useful Information

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