Jean-Christophe Garnier, France, Maine et Loire

Jean-Christophe Garnier

The Artist

Click to enlargeJean Christophe Garnier ( JCG ) is one of a kind. I just love the guy. I would call him Monsieur garnier as the immensity of respect he deserves...but he's just a great buddy and can't name him anything else other than JC. Oh, don't get me wrong, JC hasn't always made great juices, he is a trooper, in fact.

The Place

SAINT LAMBERT DU LATTAY, the WOW tiny village in the heart of Anjou, the Layon area to be more precise.Local people from the Loire Valley would just call it Saint Lambert and immadiately think of the concentration of mind blowing winemakers : René Mosse, Jo Pithon, Les name them!

Philosophies, Ideas & Practices

Organic has always been an evidence for JC, as well as all the principals of biodynamie ; however, more than strict principals, JC has his own perspective and philosophy of winemaking.


" In some cases, you don't need to either filtrate or sulfite the wine ; that depends on its santitary quality. If you have a kind of suspicion and don't want to take a big risk, you do a roughfiltration ( dégrossissage) on diatomaceous earth ( silicium from fossil algees). I, that particular situation, an omeopathic dose of sulfites helps to avoid the oxydation default which brings the filtration"