Laura Cusick, winemaker, grew up in the Pacific NW and moved to Maine for a bachelor’s degree in environmental science & education. Her passion for the outdoors then took her to Jackson, Wyoming, where she became involved in the restaurant scene, and after that to New Zealand, where her restaurant management continued and her love of wine grew.

The Willamette Valley is a beautiful place to work and to call home. Laura and Meredith love that the valley is not a monoculture dedicated only to grapes, there are also hazelnuts and hay farms and many other types of agriculture.

Laura and Meredith work with bio-dynamic and/or organic growers wherever possible and encourage their conventional vineyards to farm with minimal impact, supporting soil health and bio-diversity, always with an eye towards converting to organic or BD when possible. In the cellar, they use minimal intervention techniques, utilizing SO2 where necessary but no other additives. It is so important to them as a company to ‘tread lightly’ in all ways, while producing interesting wines that are expressive of both time and place.

Their decisions are usually made as fruit comes in the door during harvest, they are not by any means bound to working to a ‘recipe’ or a standard practice.

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