OUR PRODUCERS: Luis Moya Tortosa

Luis Moya Tortosa is 38 years old. His passion has always been wine, but only recently has he fully devoted himself to it. He began at the University of Enology, and rose to become a well-known oenologist around Navarra. In 2012, he started his own winemaking project. It started with only 1,600 bottles of Masusta and 600 bottles of his white wine, Urbanita.

Navarra is full of dramatic mountain landscapes of the Pyrenees, which separate Spain from France. From these mountains green valleys roll down into Rioja. The climate is characterized by hot summers and harsh winters. The most crucial factor is the difference between the temperatures during the day and at night. Recently there have been years of dryness and high temperatures.

When Luis began to work Masusta, he had to recover from the previous farming system which wasn’t organic. The first step had to be a total revolution in the vineyard system. Removing all herbicides and chemical products lead to a healing of the soil. Now not only is Masusta restored to organics, but follows biodynamic procedures as well. He does full Demeter protocols, without being yet certified.

In the vineyards as well as in the cellar, Luis tries to preserve the integrity of the grape and the terroir without the use of pumps, yeasts or any additives. The climate makes it easier to work naturally. His method of vinification is totally natural, without any intervention. His wines aren’t filtered and he’s working towards totally eliminating sulfites in all process of vinification. Each vintage is different, and perfectly represents the year.


Luis Moya Tortosa

Pamplona, Navarra

Calagreño, Garnacha, Malvasia, Viura

Practicing Organic

4,500 bottles


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