OUR PRODUCERS: La Torre Alle Tolfe

La Torre alle Tolfe is only 3km away from Sienna. In 1953 it was given to Lunella Morfini by her husband Luigi Castelli. Today their son Mario with his son and daughter, Giotto and Mania, dedicate themselves to the conservation of the farm and the production of it’s principle products: wine and olive oil.

Today’s borgo of Torre alle Tolfe is present on 1316’s map (Tabulae Possessionum) under the name of “Castro del Tolfis.” This record is currently at the state archives in Sienna. The name is derived from “Tolfo di Gricci,” Charles the Great Cavalier who, in the XI century hosted S. Bruno Di Segni.

The soils on the estate get their character from disintegrated sandstone.

The estate area has remained without major alteration. Their holdings include woods, vineyards and olive groves, all planted in a traditional Sienese way. Mario’s main goal in continuing the farm was to carry on the local tradition and the uninturupted pastoral beauty of Sienna, high quality, organic farming.

“You work to bring out the original characteristics of the product.”

The Castelli are now plating new vines, mostly Sangiovese, but also the classic Chianti blending grapes of Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and Colorino. Sergio Lo Jacono is the estates agronomist, taking care of the vines as well as making the wine. He has worked to convert the estate to organic farming, keep the winemaking process as natural as possible.

Before, Sergio had worked at an organic estate that was certified in 1982, one of the first in Sienna. When he came to Torre alle Tolfe in 2002, he convinced the estate to organics the way he had been used to working.

“It was a matter of convincing them to dignify their production, to show off their vineyards, to obtain a product of the highest quality: a natural product.”


Mania Castelli Spalding


Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, Sangiovese

Certified organic

40000 bottles


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