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The estate was founded in the late 40s by Alberto’s grandfather Leopoldo who began to cultivate a small plot of about half a hectare with Cesanese right on Colle San Giovenale. There he built the original cellar where they made wine up to the early 2000s. Alberto’s father Alino expanded the holding to 9 hectares and sold most of the grapes to the Cantina Sociale of Olevano Romano, keeping a little back to make wine which they sold in bulk on the local market.

The estate is located about 40 km southeast of Rome in Paliano, the last municipality in the province of Frosinone. The vineyards border also the neighboring municipality, Olevano Romano, where they produce the DOC by the same name.

2007 was a very important year, as they transitioned from a conventional approach to an organic one, ie they stopped using chemicals. From 2015 they follow the organic protocol of prof. Mazzilli aimed at the considerable reduction of copper and sulfur in the vineyard by replacing it with corroborating products that favour the natural stimulation of the plant’s defenses. As fertilization we only use cover crops: wheat with clover, field beans and barley if we consider it necessary.

Alberto’s work is based on the concept of making wine respecting the environment and the bond with the territory and his family history. To do this they try to use techniques that are as environmentally friendly as possible, to focus on the autochthonous varieties respecting the grapes and trying to rediscover traditional processing methods. All this to guarantee a future and to enhance the incredible peculiarities of their vines.


Alberto Giacobbe


Cesanese di Affile, Passerina del Frusinate

Practicing Organic

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