Oyster River’s 2019 Morphos White Pet Nat

The best value pet nat in the Northeast is ready! We were fielding requests for Morphos back in September and it’s finally coming in. And there is no one better than owner/winemaker Brian Smith to talk about this release. Below is Brian’s personal note to us regarding the Morphos 2019…

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Hubbub 2018

What’s all the hubbub about? We gave an Oregon winemaker a blank slate for R&D and here’s what happened. As we talked about in the last Thanksgiving offering, we’ve worked hard these past couple of years to really develop our domestic conversation in the portfolio- specifically coming out of Oregon…

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Our thoughts on Thanksgiving wine pairing…

Our thoughts on the whole business of Thanksgiving wine pairing: We are members of so many email distribution lists, and like clockwork somewhere around 3-4 weeks ago the Thanksgiving emails started to rain into our inboxes. The first are cute- reminders of a time of the year…

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Cooperativa Terre Vive

Four separate farmers from Monferrato in the Alto Piedmont. Friends. By themselves each is working hard to work in that classical way, the old way. They came together in 2016 out of a love for their land, for the work, and for a tradition that has dated back to Davide’s grandfather and Ezio’s father sitting […]

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