From the San Lorenzo kitchen

Natalino Crognaletti’s wife, Thanthiwa, is one of the greatest cooks in all of Italy. She is of Thai decent but her food makes you think her family had lived in Italy for the past thousand years. She has the touch- that inherent knowledge that makes great chefs, great. We recently asked Natalino to take a small video of Thanthiwa making tortellini. Note the care and the love.

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Open for Business

A list of where you can find our wines, other fine wine, and delicious prepared food. These are many retailers and restaurants that we work with in our direct distribution states: NY, WA, OR, and CA; along with their current business status. Thanks for supporting these wonderful shops and restaurants!🍷🍽

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Giacobbe Cesanese

Cacio e pepe is the greatest pasta in the Italian culinary canon. Six ingredients. 100% technique. Cacio e pepe is the omelet of the Italian kitchen. All of the ingredients must be of the highest quality. The quality of the peppercorns matters. The salt level of the water the pasta is cooked in matters…

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Androvic Plavac Mali 2017

There are no dragons. What there is is an archipelago of islands that consists of walls of limestone that rise right out of the sea. There is a history which dates back to the time of ancient Greece, and a people- the Ardiaei- whose tribe, the Illyrians, staunchly defended these islands…

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