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We are not all alike… We don’t dress the same. We have many different mother languages. We don’t listen to the same music, and we come from all over the world, from all walks of life… but we all love history, a great story, to travel and discover, and the beauty of the culture of the ‘table.’ We love to laugh, yeah, at times we can get loud. We care immensely about one another and our producers. We are a family. We love our clients. Then… Wine… we love wine.

Christian troy

Partner, California Portfolio Manager

I am a father and husband, a son/brother, a friend, and a wine professional (in that order). Although I may be classified as a rep, or a suit, or a salesman, I’ve never considered myself any of those. I am a storyteller.

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Valeria Urbani Grecchi

COO Italian Office, Import Logistics

Born and raised to be a problem solver I’ve worked for many different companies, always tasked with general management/operations type of jobs.Exchange student at El Segundo High School, California in 1982-83 I often came back to the United States

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Gavin Jung

General Manager

My initial introduction to wine came out of a practical necessity but eventually became critical to my own happiness. After college, I was working at my parents’ specialty market in downtown Seattle and noticed early on that when customers came in, they were mostly interested in our wine selection, until they actually saw what was available on our shelves.

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Partner and Slovenia-Croatia Portfolio Manager

Having solely owned and operated a restaurant for over 25 years, I am very passionate about what people eat and drink. Naturally, I care very deeply about how the quality and sourcing of ingredients effect the final product.

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Elaine Heide

Brand Manager & Oregon Territory Manager

I began working with wine in 2002 and have been lucky to have a number of great and varied jobs in retail, restaurants and wholesale distribution.

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Rose Lawler

Compliance Manager & Hospitality/Special Events

Always having enjoyed wine, it wasn’t until my first, of many, trips to Italy in my early 20’s that I truly saw the artistry and beauty in a glass. It was also on that first trip that I went to visit Summer, who was working for a producer in Tuscany at the time. Seeing

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Jesse Hufstader

Domestic Portfolio Manager & Washington Sales Director

I grew up in Seattle, working in the local restaurant scene, but it wasn’t until I moved to New York that my love of wine really took off. I brought that love with me back to my home town in 2005 and ran the wine program at Bricco, a wine bar with 40 wines by the glass. It was

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John Bigelow

California Sales Manager

I moved to San Francisco originally in 1992, after taking the train across the U.S. the previous year and stopping in S.F. on my way to Asia. The Bay Area is a beautiful area offering so much, and the people I met and friends that were already here were hard to get out of my

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Jahde Marley

Wine Consultant – New York

I’ve always been employed within the hospitality industry. I started as a 15 year old Dishwasher, worked my way from Server to Bartender, and eventually received several certifications as a Sommelier.

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Washington Warehouse and Delivery Specialist

Raised in eastern Washington, I grew up surrounded by agriculture and developed a love for it early in life. With a background in permaculture and organic and biodynamic growing practices, I have a particular interest in natural and sustainable viticulture.

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Graham Smith

Wine Consultant – Washington

I came to my love for wine as a byproduct of following my other main love in life; music. While working and performing as a musician for many years, I often had jobs in the service industry to help pay the bills.

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Clarisse Caillé

European Logistics & French Portfolio Assistant

Almost born in a cement tank of Muscadet, the day after harvest season was over it was only natural for Clarisse to follow her father in wine.

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